Tech startups action plan: Survey results

Thank you for working with us to develop an action plan that will support the growth of Sydney’s tech startup ecosystem.

The plan outlines how the City of Sydney can create an environment that enables technology entrepreneurs to start and grow successful global businesses.

A draft plan was on public exhibition from 18 August to 11 November 2015.

In total, 344 people gave us feedback via an online survey and 20 participated in an online discussion forum while 31 organisations or individuals emailed submissions.

The range of participants included tech startup entrepreneurs, employees and supporters, professionals in corporate businesses, investors, educators and students.

This is a snapshot of what the tech startup community told us in the online survey.

Build a strong entrepreneurial culture and community

Do you think the following ideas will increase awareness of the ecosystem and encourage more people to start and develop tech startups?

Supporting a startup festival: 275 from 339 answered very/somewhat useful (81%).

Holding an 'introduction to the Sydney ecosystem' business seminar: 256 from 340 answered very/somewhat useful (75%).

Establishing a marketing awareness campaign: 248 from 342 answered very/somewhat useful (72%).

Create skilled and connected entrepreneurs

Do you think the following ideas will increase the entrepreneurial or computer science skills in our community, including young people? How useful:

Supporting initiatives for women to access co-working spaces and mentoring: 266 from 340 answered very/somewhat useful (78%).

Facilitating startup education courses for example, Lean Launchpad: 302 from 338 answered very/somewhat useful (89%).

Including 'how to code' classes in City libraries or youth programs: 280 from 339 answered very/somewhat useful (83%).

Increase the startup ecosystem density

We're exploring how we can ensure startups and the organisations that support them (like co-working spaces) can scale and be located close to one another so they can connect, share ideas, mentor and partner with others. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following.

Tech startups need more affordable rental office space 318 from 340 answered strongly/slightly agree (93%).

Co-working spaces need more affordable rental office and event space: 305 from 343 answered strongly/slightly agree (89%).

Startups need to be located in close proximity to each other: 246 from 343 answered strongly/slightly agree (72%).

Tech startups need to be located in close proximity to networks of investors, accelerators/incubators or potential customers: 290 from 344 answered strongly/slightly agree (84%).

Location for tech startups

The online survey also asked participants to name the suburb best suited for tech startups and their entrepreneurial networks. 91% of respondents nominated a suburb within the City of Sydney’s local area. The city centre, Pyrmont or Ultimo, Eveleigh or Redfern and Surry Hills were the 4 most common locations suggested.

21 responses were excluded as the respondents didn’t list a specific suburb.

Support entrepreneurs’ access to funding

We're proposing to support organisations in the ecosystem to generate more investors and more investment in tech startups. Will support for the following activities help? How useful:

Investor recruitment and education events: 296 from 342 answered very/somewhat useful (86%).

Events to connect tech startups with investors: 322 from 343 answered very/somewhat useful (94%).

Develop technology entrepreneurs’ access to markets

We could play a role in developing more opportunities for tech entrepreneurs to increase business, particularly in tackling a global market or in our procurement of product and services. How useful:

Leveraging our sister-city relationship with San Francisco and Guangzhou: 296 from 342 answered very/somewhat useful (87%).

Change procurement policies and procedures to enable startups to become suppliers: 308 from 344 answered very/somewhat useful (89%).

Open up our data and encourage testing ideas that solve City problems and create viable products: 317 from 341 answered very/somewhat useful (93%).

We considered these results and all feedback we received when we finalised the plan.

You can read a report about the feedback we received, our response and the final action plan on Sydney Your Say.

Council adopted the action plan at its meeting on 27 June 2016. We look forward to working with you to start it. Here are some of the projects underway.